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The Lodz World Water Day events will take place on 21-22 March 2010 in Manufaktura, Aquapark, Water Paradise, the Detka Museum as well as at the City of Lodz Office and the Waterworks Company. Among them: fun family activities, a walk along the Lodka river valley, a museum and a pumping station visit as well as a conference called „Retain Water in Lodz”

Organizers and Partners: ZWiK Lodz, UML, LSI, Manufaktura, Aqapark Fala, MOSiR,

University of Lodz, SWITCH and the European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology u/a UNESCO


SWITCH Project („Sustainable Water Management Improves Tomorrow’s Cities’ Health”) is a research partnership funded by the EC undertaking innovation in the area of integrated urban water management (IUWM). The project is being realized as a part  of the European Union’s Sixth Framework programme “Global Change and Ecosystems”. SWITCH is a common undertaking of an international consortium of 32 partners from 13 countries, led by UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education. The project aims to carry out more demand-led, action-orientated research in its nine demonstration cities (Accra, Alexandria, Beijing, Belo Horizonte, Birmingham, Hamburg, Lodz, Tel Aviv and Zaragoza) and study sites, with a view of effecting greater integration of urban water management, and ultimately beneficial impacts. The project is set for the period between 2006 and 2011.

Goals of SWITCH

The main goal of the SWITCH Project is development and implementation of scientific, technological and socioeconomic solutions that foster sustainable development and integrated urban water management. The new paradigm in UWM proposed by SWITCH goes beyond traditional scientific, business and communication solutions to react in advance to challenges stemming from global climate change, urbanization and industrialization processes, demographic changes, migration from rural to urban areas or increased demand for energy. The key innovation brought about by SWICTH is an attempt to catalyse change towards holistic approach to urban water management as an alternative to ad hoc piecemeal approach.

Benefits from SWITCH

  • Innovative, sustainable, healthy and safe water system in cities
  • Long term protection of drinking water source quality
  • Reduced risks in terms of water related diseases, droughts and flooding events- Improved governance of water as a community resource
  • Effective translation of scientific innovation into day-to-day water management in „The City of the Future”
  • Lasting and vital impact on the global and local water sectors in European and Southern cities, combined with transfer of experience to other cities worldwide

For more information visit the SWITCH website:


Ecohydrology of urban areas

Increasing global change pressures, escalating costs and other risks inherent to conventional urban water management are causing cities to face ever increasing difficulties in efficiently managing scarcer and less reliable water resources. Progress that has taken place in the recent years in environmental studies thanks to the integration of various scientific domains (such as ecohydrology) enables a new approach to water management in the city, combining economic, social, environmental and health-related aspects to promote and enhance sustainable development.

Lodz  – The SWITCH demonstration city

Lodz has been chosen as one of 9 cities worldwide to serve as a demonstration city in the Project.The City of Lodz is a city of 800 thousands inhabitants (agglomeration of 1 million inhabitants), located in central Poland. It is located on a steep between uplands and lowlands and the area raises by about 50 meters from West to the East, on the first order watershed between the Vistula and Oder rivers system (the two major basins in Poland). The city area is divided into 18 catchments drained by small urban streams, until recently used mostly to quickly dispose of storm waters from the city. Their potential to improve the city landscape, its microclimate and health conditions has been used in a small degree only. one of the SWITCH project’s objectives is to renaturalize and restore these unique river valleys and waterbodies. The polish side of the project is to undertake and implement research in the fields of ecohydrology and fitotechnology in the river valleys of Sokolowka and Ner rivers, as well as on the restricted area of the Lodz’s GOS – Group Sewage Treatment Plant. The activities include:

  • Sokolowka: implementation of ecohgydrological principles to renaturalize the river in order to increase the water retention and improve the quality of life in the city
  • Ner/GOS: a systemic approach to Urban water management – the use of fitotechnology to utilize sewage sediments, produce energy and improve water quality

The SWITCH activities in Lodz include:

  • Research
  • Implementation
  • Learning Alliance

The Łódź Learning Alliance is a Multi-Stakeholder Platform supporting the process of integration of the water sector in Łódź as well as implementation of the demand-led, innovative scientific solutions for the improvement of the quality of life.


City of Łódź Office
Municipal Management Department, Infrastructure Subdepartment,
 ul. Piotrkowska 175
90-447 Łódź,
 tel.: +48 (42) 638 49 12

City of Łódź Office
Environmental Protection and Agriculture Department, Environmental Protection, Water Management and Geology Subdepartment, 
ul. Tymienieckiego 5
90-365 Łódź, 
tel.: +48 (42) 638 47 13

City of Łódź Office
Strategy and Analysis Department, 
ul. Piotrkowska 110
90-004 Łódź, 
tel.: +48 (42) 638 44 42

City of Łódź Office
Spatial Planning, Architecture and Heritage Protection Department, ul. Piotrkowska 110
90-926 Łódź
tel.: +48 (42) 638 43 84

City of Łódź Office , Bureau for Implementation and Supervision of Investments,
ul. Piotrkowska 113, 90-430 Łódź, tel. +48 638 48 99

Department of Applied Ecology

University of Łódź, ul. Banacha 12/16
90-237 Łódź
tel: +48 (42) 635 44 38

International Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences PAN
ul. Tylna 3, 90-364 Łódź
tel.: +48 (42) 681 70 07

ERCE – European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO,
ul. Tylna 3, 90-364 Łódź
tel.: +48 (42) 681 70 07

Technical University of Łódź
Environmental Engineering Department,
Al.Politechniki 6
tel.: +48 (42) 631 35 17, 631 35 23

Waste Water Treatment Plant in Łódź (GOS  Sp z.o.o.),
 ul. Sanitariuszek 66
93-469 Łódź tel.: +48 (42) 640 47 80

Waterworks and Sewage Company (ZWiK),
 ul. Wierzbowa 52
90-133 Łódź (budynek A, pok. 10)
tel.: +48 (42) 678 18 79, (042) 677 82 02

Office for Spatial Planning of the Łódź Voivodship,
 ul. Sienkiewicza 3
90-113 Łódź,
 tel./fax: +48 (42) 630 57 69 do 72

Voivodship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Łódź, Monitoring Department,
ul. Piotrkowska 120
90-006 Łódź, 
tel.: +48 (42) 633 33 43

Primary School nr 172,
 ul. Jaskrowa 15
91-480 Łódź, 
tel.: +48 (42) 657 64 21

Junior High School nr 15,
 ul. Sowińskiego 50/56
91-485 Łódź
, tel./fax: +48 (42) 616-81-24

Eko-Kom Sp.z o.o.
ul. Świętej Teresy od Dzieciątka Jezus 100
91-341 Łódź, 
tel.: +48 (42) 612 25 88

Voivodship Company for Melioration and Water Infrastructure in Łódź,
ul. Solna 14
91-423 Łódź
, tel.: +48 (42) 632 28 43, 630 31 04

Łódź Infrastructure Company (ŁSI Sp. z o.o.), 
ul. Piotrkowska 190
90-368 Łódź, 
tel.: +48 (42) 66 49 100

Municipal Services Company (ŁZUK),
 ul. Nowe Sady 19
94-102 Łódź
, tel.: +48 (42) 272 34 50

 ul. Gdanska 112, 
90-507 Łódź

City of Łódź Spatial Planning Studio,
 ul. Tymienieckiego 5,
 90-365 Łódź


Visit the BADANIA/RESEARCH page for the information on RESEARCH and REPORTS to download


VISION: Lodz 2038 „Lodz Uses Its Water Wisely”

The city’s resources management is based on an efficient and integrated system ensuring access to information for all. Investors and authorities respect ecological properties of land and waters. Infrastructure serves the functions and requirements of an environmentally secure city, is reliable, meets the needs of all the city’s population and assures good status of aquatic ecosystems. Green areas – river valleys along open corridors – provide space for recreation and are the ‘green lungs’ of Lodz. The application of ecological biotechnologies and the population’s common and in-depth ecological awareness contributes to exceptional quality of life. Our city is a leading centre for innovation, education and implementation in Poland.

The SWITCH Łódź workshop on ‘Integrated Urban Water Management in 2038: Visioning and Scenario-building’ 17-18 January 2008

The Objective of workshop The objective of the 17-18 January 2008 workshop was to a identify a broadly-agreed vision for urban water management for the city of Lodz in 2038, and based upon scenario-building methodologies that take account of an uncertain future, and to identify possible strategies based upon the ideas of city stakeholders. This laid basis for subsequent SWITCH project activities in the city that expected to focus on the process (over the next 4 years) to develop an implementable and innovative IUWM plan for the city of Lodz (to 2017).

Participants The workshop involved a broad range of city stakeholders in urban water management represented by their executives as well as employees delegated to act on their behalf in the SWITCH Learning Alliance’s day-to-day activities.

Workshop methodology

The workshop was run over two full days with the support of specialist facilitators. It involved many group work sessions where the stakeholders were  asked to work in mixed groups or focus groups from particular sectors. Findings were brought to plenary for discussion and agreement. Expert resource persons from the SWITCH project were available to give advice.


Please visit our RAPORTY/REPORTS page to download SWITCH Łódź Reports


Please visit our WDROŻENIA/IMPLEMENTATIOn page to download documents regarding implementation


Posters are available for download from the POSTERY/POSTERS page



Prof. Maciej Zalewski, 
Dr Iwona Wagner
Department of Applied Ecology, University of Lodz
ul. Banacha 12/16, 90-237 Lodz, Poland
tel: +48 42 635 44 38
fax: +48 42 66 55 819



European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCO
- Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Tylna 3, 90-364 Lodz, Poland
tel: + 48 42 681 70 07 
fax: + 48 42 681 30 69

City of Lodz Office, Subdepartament of Infrastructure
ul. Piotrkowska 175, 90-447 Łódź
tel.: +48 (42) 638-49-12 
fax: +48 (42) 638-49-09

Łódź Destination Alliance
tel.: +48 (42) 630 59 00, 630 59 10